Awareness on matters of human trafficking is growing in the United States. However, a gap still exists between public perception of human trafficking and the stark reality of survivors’ actual experiences. This gap in knowledge contributes to a deficiency of trauma informed care and a prevalence of victim misidentification and re-victimization. Unveiled is committed to filling that gap.

We exist because of...

  • the seventeen year old beaten and sold by over 30 pimps, then placed in juvenile detention and labeled a prostitute, delinquent, and addict

  • the young woman who was born to a prostituted mother and into the gang life, witnessed countless murders, and was raised in a system that continued to re-victimize her

  • the young mother of two diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, trapped in lethal intimate partner violence, violently forced into the commercial sex trade, and written off as ‘crazy’

  • the desperate thirty year old man, who in trying to pursue the American dream, was sexually victimized; forced to work long, grueling hours for no pay; and terrified to ask for help for fear of being reported to law enforcement or discriminated against because of his sexuality

  • the hotline caller drugged and raped, who was so grateful to not be laughed at like every other time she shared her story


We exist to make sure stories such as these never happen again.

Our Mission

Unveiled is dedicated to reframing societal attitudes, eliminating systemic re-victimization, and preventing the crime of human trafficking through providing trauma informed, specialized human trafficking education and experiential, survivor inspired knowledge and insight to advocates, professionals, and the community.