Our Background


Whitney Anderson, Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), and Niqui Mac, Master of Health Administration (M.H.A.), first became deeply involved in matters of trafficking in persons in their respective roles as Director and Residential Program Director for a Non-Governmental Organization that opened and operated a home-based, state certified residential crisis care shelter program specifically for adult female victims of sex trafficking. Whitney and Niqui moved on to open and currently operate Oklahoma's first ever State Certified Crisis Center for Victims of Human Trafficking- a unique and innovative concept offering non-residential services such as intensive case management, crisis intervention, mental health services, and linkage to a vast amount of resources and services to meet human trafficking victims' unique needs.


The team holds a unique and valuable perspective that emanates from both their academic backgrounds and their experience as human trafficking victim direct care providers. Whitney and Niqui have gained tremendous valuable experience advocating for and supporting diverse populations of human trafficking victim/ survivors on their paths of healing from horrific trauma and exploitation.

Whitney and Niqui are involved in all things related to direct-care and victim advocacy, including:


*Provision of thousands of hours of direct care and resources to over one hundred victim/ survivors in a home based certified residential program and non-residential program

*Manning a 24 hour human trafficking crisis hotline

*Constructing trauma informed programming and strategically building and leveraging community partnerships to combat human trafficking and support the provision of high quality services for victim/survivors

*Active members of the Oklahoma Human Trafficking Task Force

*Trained thousands in professional, tribal, and academic settings