We offer Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance

including Full-Day Customized Training Courses, Two Hour Courses,

and Keynote Presentations



Dynamics of Human Trafficking

Victim Identification

Impact of Trafficking on Victim/ Survivors

Pimp-Controlled and Familial Trafficking

Labor Trafficking 101

Vulnerable/ High-Risk Populations

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

Trafficker Recruiting, Grooming, and Breaking Methods

Co-occuring Issues Related to Trafficking (substance abuse, mental health, etc.)

Trafficking of Native Americans

Internet Safety for Parents or Teens

Human Trafficking for Educators


Trauma Informed Human Trafficking Victim/ Survivor Advocacy

Safety Planning

Victim Identification and Screening in a Healthcare Setting

Building Rapport and Trust

Challenges and Barriers Linked with Serving Victim/Survivors

Perspective of Religion and Faith-Based Related Dynamics

Transitioning from “Street” Culture to a “Normal” Life

Advocate Boundaries and Ethical Considerations

Care and Programming

Crisis Intervention and Hotline Calls

Screenings, Assessments, and Intakes (including interviewing questions and criteria)

Standards of Care

Determination of Services and Resources Needed in Providing Direct Services

Considerations in Opening and Operating a Residential Program




Collaborative Approach

Creating Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration in the Community

Challenges and Promising Practices in Prosecuting Perpetrators of Human Trafficking

Court Advocacy and Victim Preparation


Presentations and technical assistance can be delivered

in person, through webinar, and through audio/video messaging applications.

Unveiled donates a portion of the proceeds towards the provision of direct care services for victims of trafficking. 


*Not an exhaustive list

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